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Welcome to a more personalized school portrait experience

School portraits are meant to capture a child as they are right now, but they don't have to be stiff or cookie cutter.
Instead they should show a child's personality and zest - inqusitive, full of life, genuine and endearing.


SHG Photography's goal is to capture what makes each child unique. I never force a smile, but instead provide a fun experience that enourages children to relax and be themselves. The result is raw, natural, artisitc photos that are keepsakes for years to come.


A little about SHG Photography's portrait services

All ordering and payments are done online, so schools no longer have to worry about sending home or collecting order forms. I provide private galleries broken down by class or group, and each child gets their own password protected album. Parents choose from a variety of images, rather than having a portrait selected for them - after all, they know their child best. I offer a variety of print packages as well as a la carte items and boutique products such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving.


I provide all equipment and personnel needed for picture day.


I offer class/group photos as well as sibling portraits.


I provide a page on my website for parents describing all ordering procedures and shooting day preparation prior to photo day. Afterwards, I deliver all galleries to parents and answer any questions regarding ordering or products. For schools of 75 students or more, prints can be shipped directly to the parents' home; no more portrait packages wrinkled in backpacks or getting lost.


I take staff photos and provide a complimentary print package for staff members.


I am willing to work with schools to provide custom services that fit your unique needs. Contact me to discuss.


Are boutique school portraits expensive?

I have competitive rates and parents do not pay anything up front. I offer a variety of collections and a la carte products to fit everyone's needs.


What time of year do you conduct your school sessions?

I work with each individual school to schedule shoots any time during the academic year.